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 Team NameTeam CaptainCompany NameTeam TotalMembers Recruited
Sleeping Bag SlingersMarty JarvisB&R Stores$11,325.006
PinbustersVeronica Riepe $5,575.004
S'more $ 4 the KidsDana Berger $4,780.003
Fareway Meat MarketsSheila Cramer $4,277.363
Nacho LibreHeather Rhoadarmer $3,795.005
I'd Rather Be GlampingLeeAnn Pancharoen $3,161.005
Nerium Phyllis Anderson $2,816.006
Kandy KeansShawn Kean $2,715.006
Happy CampersPat RaybouldB&R Stores$2,200.005
Nanonation - The Marshmallow MakersAshLea Allberry $2,180.006
No Boys AllowedKathy Steinauer Smith $2,000.005
Salute Your ShortsKris Mather $1,955.006
Home OfficeJim LongcorB&R Stores$1,750.001
KMBS-ServiceDon Van Arsdall $1,572.006
Smores And MoreMegan Ruwe $1,475.002
PinPalsLauren Wegman Folkerts $1,460.003
The Camp CounselorsDonna BristolB&R Stores$1,450.003
Nanonation - The Dutch Oven GangMax Wesely $1,271.006
Melissa's TeamMelissa Neater $1,255.005
Camp RelaxSara Stiers $1,220.002
IGTStacy Walker $1,200.001
Bowling CrusadersJon Feauto $1,175.001
Bumper BowlersWade Walkenhorst $1,140.004
Bigs@TheBayNikki Siegel $1,100.002
FCC Youth GroupKatelyn Neumann $1,055.001
Haute DogsKyle Cartwright $1,030.004
Bigs & Littles go CampingUnion Bank & Trust Union Bank & Trust $1,000.001
Strike-A-MatchKiersten Hill $948.001
Riley's Lil' CampersRiley Johnson $916.001
BEST TEAM EVER!!!Holly Olson $875.008
Pin HeadsSusan Ugai $805.004
Troop Beverly HillsNicole Juranek $800.002
Wacky CampersDennis HechtB&R Stores$747.005
Troop Beverly SkillzKodi Bonesteel $745.006
In-Tents StrikersNola Derby-Bennett $715.005
SpreetailKelsey Hearnen $685.008
Bowling Green MassacreAnn Spotanski $655.006
Gary's TeamGary Larsen $650.001
Leadership Lincoln 28Sheri Irwin-Gish $620.005
Camp JusticeJenni Ryan $610.006
Summer SausagesCurtis Ruwe $600.002
Camp LadybirdKimberly Morgan $595.006
Butchers Baker &Sausage MakerButch JantzeB&R Stores$585.005
Alivia's TeamAlivia Neater $570.005
Clear Vision Eye CareKatie Bateman $560.007
The IncredibowlsAmanda Larabee $538.005
Toasted MarshmallowsCaitlin Stoos $520.004
Lancaster County Young DemocratsNeva Winkle $515.008
Amy's TeamAmy Limke $505.003
Camp FireWoodChad Shirk $500.001
One Time at Band CampKim Shirk $500.001
Scheels SquadJudd Giese $500.002
Team HoodChad and Jade Hood $485.004
17th & Washington TooJoe O'ConnorB&R Stores$450.001
Split EndzALICIA GUTIERREZ $442.006
27th & Pine LakeBrian HayesB&R Stores$405.001
CoddingtonChris PiperB&R Stores$400.001
UBT Private BankingKatie Thompson $385.504
#boots-and-pantsBranden Barber $350.003
Riley ButlerRiley Butler $350.001
Gone GlampingStephanie Flores $330.005
Builder's Boot CampRod Hornby $300.001
The Gliding PerkisizersJess Rustad $300.004
HavelockJesse LanceB&R Stores$294.831
Camp RollaballadownalaneaLucas Sabalka $270.004
Russ's #1--17th & WashingtonAngela JohnsonB&R Stores$255.001
S'more StrikesKelsey Helget $235.006
The Perfect 300'sEmily Foley $225.004
Family Affair Patty Stradley $200.005
Gutterly RidiculousJodi Freeman $153.008
Team Baylor 1Brett Ebert $150.004
Amber's BunchAmber Wiebe $130.001
The Wrecking BallsLaurissa Elgert $130.001
Split HappensSamantha Gerken $110.001
Camp RockAngelica Carlini $100.002
Camping with AbbieAbbie Ryan $100.001
Camp Relax 2Barbara Dettmann $50.001
The Gutterball TurkeysNate Caldwell $25.001
Team HunterEmily Motto $20.005
56th & Hwy 2 + 33rd & Hwy 2Patrick RidderB&R Stores$0.001
Athletes in ActionJon Feauto (duplicate) $0.001
FallbrookMike ZahourekB&R Stores$0.001
Fishing 4 StrikesJenny Schroeder $0.002
GWB DowntownShelby Ortiz $0.001
GWB's Teller AnythingKaty Lempka $0.006
GWBs Teller Anything TooNicole Chancellor $0.006
South Pointe KiwanisMichael Cooper $0.001
Team Baylor 2Amanda Brown $0.006
Team SamanthaSamantha Cameron $0.002

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