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Summer is the time of year to explore and have fun.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters give their Littles an opportunity to learn things they may not have been able to before. Bigs do things like teach their Littles how to swing a golf club, take them to a musical for the first time or try a crazy new cookie recipe together. And, as you know, those small activities can make a huge impact on the Little's outlook on life. It shows him or her it's fun to try new things and explore their own interests.


There are so many children still waiting to be matched with an inspiring Big. Heartland Big Brothers Big Sisters hopes to make 25 matches in July - giving these kids a chance to spend their break with a new friend, having fun.
You can help us make new matches by making a small donation during our summer fundraiser. A gift of just $10 can give a child the opportunity to discover a new hobby or passion that could change his or her future for the better.


Big Sister Morgan & Little Sister Katelyn were matched at the beginning of this summer. They've spent their time together swimming, getting ice cream and playing with adorable kittens!



Date Created: 6/8/2016

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