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Volunteer Process

 The steps to becoming a Big

Being a “Big” is simple and fun and you can complete most of the application process online. The application process helps us get to know you and prepares us to find the right prospective Littles for you.

The application process includes:
  • Attending a pre-match training and completing application paperwork.
  • Completing an in-person interview at our office or in your home.
  • Three personal references and one employer reference (if employed).
  • A background check.

Complete your application. The application will ask you to provide some basic information about yourself and contact information for three personal references and an employer reference (if you’re employed). In addition, the application will ask you some basic information about your auto insurance.

Attend a Pre-Match Training. A Pre-Match Training will answer your questions and help prepare you to get the most from your volunteer experience. You can choose to attend one of these information and orientation meetings at the Big Brothers Big Sisters office. Give us a call at 402-464-2227 to sign up for a training.

Upcoming Pre-Match Trainings


Meet for an interview. After attending the Pre-Match Training you will need to complete an in-person interview. This is when we get to know you and what you'd like to gain from your match.


Make a Match. After you’ve been approved in our system, your Program Specialist will begin searching for prospective Littles for you. Many things determine a good match and Program Specialists do an excellent job of selecting Littles based on common interests, personalities and other measures that are important to a successful friendship.

Meet your Little. Once both you and your Little agree to the match, it's time to meet up!  Most volunteers say this is an exciting moment and some tell us they feel a little nervous. That’s natural! The Littles are excited, too and your Program Specialist will be with you to make introductions, go over some ground rules, and help “break the ice.” After introductions and a little final paperwork, you and your Little can take off for your first outing, which is usually a short activity to help begin your friendship. Your Program Specialist will help with ideas if you need them.

You are matched. Once you are matched, you and your Little will choose how you’ll spend your time together. Remember – our program is based on the sharing of simple, everyday moments. You don’t have to invent elaborate or expensive outings. Simply spend time with your Little on a regular basis and watch your friendship grow. Your Program Specialist will be in contact with you throughout the life of your match and will help ensure you and your Little are enjoying your friendship. Your Program Specialist will also inform you about free tickets, special events and other BBBS activities.

Have fun! This program is flexible and allows you and your Little to grow your own unique friendship. Sharing a little of yourself with a child is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Be proud of yourself for making this commitment! Enjoy how good it feels to be Big!


 Volunteer Application Paperwork

           Application form

      DHHS Background Check Request form

         Background Check Payment form or pay online here

You can send your completed forms to Andrea at asutherland@hbbbs.org or bring them to the HBBBS office. 



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