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B&R Stores Giving TreesMake holidays bright for our families and matches by providing gift cards for presents, groceries and activities.


This year, Heartland Big Brothers Big Sisters would love to give our clients and matches the gift of joyous memories! Our agency has decided to streamline our annual holiday gift distribution process in order to give parents the opportunity to select the perfect presents for their children and provide our matches with more fun opportunities to spend time with one another.


HBBBS is asking for holiday donations of gift cards to various locations around Lincoln. If you'd like to provide our families and matches with joyous memories this year, select a tag from a "Giving Tree" located inside Russ's Market and Super Saver stores in the Lincoln area. You can also make a donation online and our staff will use those funds to purchase needed gift cards to distribute to those in our programs.


Looking for a Giving Tree?

Head to any of the Russ's Market or Super Saver locations in Lincoln and look for a Christmas tree covered in square tags!

Here is a list of the locations: 

 Russ's Market - 17th & Washington   Super Saver - 27th & Cornhusker Highway
 Russ's Market - 66th & O Super Saver - 56th & Highway 2 
 Russ's Market - 63rd & Havelock Super Saver - 48th & O 
 Russ's Market - 33rd & Highway 2 Super Saver - Fallbrook 
 Russ's Market - Coddington & West A Super Saver - 27th & Pine Lake 


Already selected a tag from one of the Giving Trees?

You can return the gift you purchased along with the tag to any Russ's Market or Super Saver location in Lincoln.

You can also send it in the mail to:

Heartland BBBS

Attn: Giving Trees

6201 Havelock Ave

Lincoln, NE 68507 


We ask that you please drop off your gift on or before Wednesday, December 20th. Thanks!




What is a match?

A match is what we call each mentor and mentee ("Big" and "Little") relationship in our program. Matches meet for a few hours each week to do things like go to the park to play basketball, get some frozen yogurt or bake cookies. By hanging out and doing things on a consistent basis, they form a friendship that has a positive impact on the child in school and at home. 

The matches who will receive these gift card donations will use them for their weekly outings together. They will use restaurant gift cards to go out to eat and the activity gift cards will cover the costs associated with fun activities for them to do together. These gift cards will be distributed to matches as needed throughout the year. 


Who are the families?

The families are the children in our program ("Littles"), along with their parents/guardians and siblings in the home. Ninety-percent of the children involved with Heartland Big Brothers Big Sisters received free or reduced-price lunches, which means they are living at or below the poverty line.

The parents/guardians who will receive these gift card donations will use them to purchase gifts for the Littles and their siblings. The grocery store gift cards will help provide food for the families and the gas station gift cards help them get to work or school safely. These gift cards will be distributed to families as needed throughout the year.


What is an "agency activity"?

An agency activity is a large group event hosted by Heartland Big Brothers Big Sisters. On a monthly basis, the agency invites all of the matches in the program to come together for an activity such as craft night, a pool party or bowling. At these events, the staff provides snacks or meals for everyone and the agency will use the specified grocery store gift card donations to help cover the costs associated with this. The specified craft store gift cards will help provide supplies needed for craft projects for these large group events.


In the past I have purchased a toy or other gift for a Giving Tree tag. Why is HBBBS collecting only gift cards this year?

Our agency has decided to collect gift cards instead of "traditional" gifts this year for a couple of reasons.

- Gift cards are easier to collect at the stores and donors have the option to easily mail their gift directly to the HBBBS office if they prefer. They are also easier to store in our office and distribute as needed.

- Gift cards are more useful for families who would like the ability to select gifts. It also allows the agency to easily distribute gift cards to the matches for their outings and for staff to buy needed items for agency events. 



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